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Sit Down or Stand Up?

You’ve probably already heard that sitting at your desk all day, every day, can be detrimental to your health. It might even feel like an expensive investment in something that seems like a good idea, but you inevitably forget to use. Even if you forget to stand, a height adjustable desk could be well worth it’s weight in gold.

Benefits of Adjustable Desks When Seated

You can see the health benefits that may be difficult to achieve with a fixed height desk even in the seated position. The easiest way to see if a desk is the right height for you is to look at the position your body naturally rests in when you first sit down or walk up to it.

  • When you’re typing, are your wrists level when your fingers are on the keyboard?
  • If you’re looking at your monitor, do you feel yourself leaning in or hunching forward?
  • Do you have to strain your neck to look up at your monitor?
  • Do you find that when you’re seated, even after adjusting your seat, that your feet can’t rest properly on the floor?
  • When you get up from working at your desk for a few hours, do you feel discomfort in your neck, shoulders or back?

A height adjustable desk is more than just a standing desk.

While the benefits of standing are clear, there are also some drawbacks to doing it all day. Office workers who stand at their desk all day may report leg or foot pain. A recent report published in Ergonomics demonstrated that standing all day could cause workers to experience lower limb swelling and a decreased mental state. Sitting takes the pressure of the legs and feet, enabling people to fully perform their duties without overtiring their lower extremities. An adjustable standing desk gives office workers that option when they need it.

Sitting also gives office workers a way to relax themselves throughout the day. The pressures and stress of nine-to-five office jobs necessitate the need to relax, and a comfortable, ergonomical chair is a great way to make that happen. When you have an adjustable standing desk, this relief is easy to have whenever you need it.

iRize by i5 Industries

By adjusting your desk, you can find the perfect height that works for you and increase your productivity levels by alternating between sitting and standing. Many height-adjustable desks have the precision required to effortlessly find that sweet spot between comfort and perfect positioning. If adjusted correctly, you will naturally attain better posture which will put less strain on your muscles and joints.

Benefits of Adjustable Desks When Standing

There are a surprising number of health benefits to simply standing periodically throughout the day, lending scientific credence to today’s greater reliance on adjustable standing desks. People who stand at work have been shown to have a lower risk of weight gain and obesity.

Back pain is a frequent complaint of office workers who remain seated throughout the day, but studies have shown that workers who use adjustable standing desks report a significant improvement in lower back pain in just a few weeks.

This isn’t to say standing should replace exercise, but it does help you burn an extra 1,000 calories per week. Standing can also help lower your blood sugar levels, thereby decreasing your risk of developing or exacerbating type two diabetes. And considering the dangers and prevalence of heart disease in America, it’s a comfort to know that standing can lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Float by Humanscale

Standing has also been documented as a way to help improve a person’s mood, as well as their energy levels. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to see a rise in office productivity once adjustable standing desks are implemented.

Best of Both Words: Sit & Stand

Sky by Versteel

Though standing and sitting both have real health benefits, when done all day, neither is an ideal way for office workers to position themselves. This is the appeal of adjustable standing desks: you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Height adjustable desks, like iRize from i5 Industries, have timed reminders that will chime when it’s time to go from sitting to standing so you never miss a beat in your workday.

Known in the medical field as the Sit-and-Switch method, you can alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes to an hour to get the benefits of both working styles without suffering through the drawbacks.

Adjustable standing desks can also help office workers avoid and relieve chronic pain issues — the back and neck pain that come from sitting too long, and the leg and foot pain that can arise from standing too long. 

Essential Desk by Watson

Add to that the improved health and happiness your employees will experience, and you’ll have a workplace environment that keeps people engaged and productive throughout the day. You may even see a reduction in healthcare costs as fewer people experience work-related health issues.

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