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Table of Contents

Free Freight

Our free freight policy includes delivery to facilities equipped with a standard height loading dock. If your facility does not have a standard height receiving dock or a fork lift and your freight is too heavy to be physically removed from the truck, then you may want to consider our optional LIFT GATE service.

Life Gate Service

Lift Gates are mechanical devices which are attached to the back of specially equipped trucks. They allow the driver to lower your shipment to ground level for an additional fee. We would be happy to provide a quotation for lift gate service prior to placing your order. In most cases, this service will be around $100.

Inside Delivery

Common carrier shipments do not include inside delivery. This is considered an extended service and must be quoted and paid for prior to ordering. Our company will contact the manufacturer per your request for inside delivery quotations or any additional services. All inside delivery or additional services must be arranged and paid for prior to delivery without exception.

Free Ground Shipping

Not all our orders require freight shipping, but all our shipping is free. Orders that are LTL (less than a truck load), usually smaller items such as certain chairs, can be shipped using ground shipping. We typically use UPS / FedEx for these. This excludes PO Box.

Quick Ship

Our definition of Quick Ship is anything we have in stock and ready to ship out. Quick ship orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

Transit Times for Quick Shipping

Quick ship orders are processed within 24 hours. Once the order is processed, it will be in transit for 1-5 days. Below is the average time in transit for our quick ship orders.

Shipping. National delivery time estimates. Continental US.

Order Tracking

You will receive an email when your order ships that will include an email tracking link. If the tracking number doesn’t provide results on the shipping carrier’s website, please wait up to 24 hours for the carrier to update the tracking status then try again.

Alaska & Hawaii

We do not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.

International Shipping

We do not currently ship products outside the United States.

Essential Steps to Receiving A Freight

  1. Before you approve or sign shipping documents (bill of lading), you should carefully inspect each carton for potential shipping damage.
  2. If your cartons are visibly damaged before unboxing, this is called freight damage. You must file a freight damage claim within 7 days upon receipt. Before the driver leaves, please take pictures of the damaged cartons.
  3. Only accept items that do not show damage and reject the rest.
  4. If you discover that your item is damaged after you unbox it, this is considered concealed damage. This must be reported within 7 days of receiving your shipment.
  5. DO NOT ASSEMBLE OR INSTALL FURNITURE that has concealed damage. Take detailed pictures of any damage to the furniture and shipping cartons.
  6. In the event of concealed damage, PLEASE KEEP THE ORIGINAL CARTONS. Contact our office as soon as possible.
  7. If more than 7 days have passed since you received your shipment, we do not have the ability to file a successful freight claim for replacement.

Freight Damage

CLAIM MUST BE FILED WITHIN 7 DAYS from receipt of your order, without exception. These terms are universal for freight carriers. You can file your claim here.

DOCUMENT DAMAGE BEFORE DEPARTURE OF DELIVERY DRIVER. Upon receipt of your shipment, carefully inspect the package and notate any carton damage directly on the receiving documents or bill of lading prior to the driver’s departure. Please notate any signs of rough handling. If you notice cartons are dented or show evidence of potential damage, this is important to note to insure a positive outcome regarding any freight claim that may develop.

PICTURES ARE KEY. If you have the ability to take pictures of the damage, please do so. Cell phone pictures are acceptable. We prefer pictures of the box or pallet where rough handling or damage occurred.  Try to take detailed pictures of any dented, pierced, or rough handled cartons and be sure to notate this on the receiving documents prior to approving your delivery.

  • If there is obvious damage to any product, please reject that item and only accept undamaged items.
  • It is extremely important to follow these steps closely. Failure to follow this process could result in the rejection or disqualification of any subsequent freight claim.
  • Good notation and pictures help to legitimize and expedite any freight claim which may arise.
SUCCESSFUL FREIGHT CLAIM will result in a replacement of the damage components at no cost to you. Furniture manufacturers realize shipments can be damaged in transit and are amenable to replacing damage products free of charged if notified within 7 days of receipt.

Concealed Damage

CLAIM MUST BE FILED WITHIN 7 DAYS from receipt of your order. You can file your claim here.

IF YOU ACCEPT A DAMAGED FREIGHT there is still a possibility that we could assist you by filing your concealed freight damage claim. If this occurs, send us an email with the details and description of the damage, along with pictures to document any damage. Honoring concealed damage claims is at the sole discretion of the individual freight carrier; we make no expressed or implied guarantees regarding replacement for concealed damage.

SUCCESSFUL CONCEALED DAMAGE CLAIM will result in replacement free of charge.