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Case Study: Traditions Health

New Space with No Interruptions

The challenge: Transform offices for 5 people into a space for 30 additional employees.

Nashville, TN




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About Traditions Health

Since being founded in 2008, Traditions Health has maintained a patient-focused and compassion-driven care approach to Home Health, Palliative Care, and Hospice services. By placing an emphasis on superior clinical outcomes, Traditions Health has forged strong relationships in our community and many others across Texas. Traditions Health has grown to include more than 130 locations across 18 states, allowing us to reach more patients needing compassionate quality health care in their homes.

Coming Up with the Plan

We scheduled our initial meeting and sat down face to face to discuss expectations for their new workspace. The challenging part about a warehouse space is that, if you don’t plan it correctly, it will always feel like you are working in a warehouse and not an office. With so much open space, it was important to use it wisely, so it didn’t feel too congested or have too much wasted space. Because of this, we traveled to the site and took detailed measurements to come up with a 2D floor plan of the space. From there, we decided on how to mix an open plan layout with closed door private offices to fill the space and make it feel more like an office.

Services We Provided:

Company Colors &  Design

After coordinating with the client and contractor on the construction specifications, we began to work directly with the client to provide them a solution that works best for their budget and work environment needs.

Delivery & Installation

After the space plan and design was approved, we began coordinating the installation. We shipped the product directly to our warehouse, and our installers delivered the furniture directly to the site. Because this building was in downtown Nashville. We had to coordinate with the Property Manger to have access to the building after hours.

Final Result

The client was extremely happy with the space that was created. We were able to turn 4-5 Offices into a space that has the compacity to add 30 additional employees which then brings down their overall cost for leasing the space.

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