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Design a Conference Room Around Your Needs

You want a meeting room that is professional, comfortable and modern, with just enough of your company personality to make it unique. But combining those elements isn’t always an easy task; in fact, it can be downright daunting. So let’s take a few moments to understand what makes a great conference room in order to create the perfect meeting environment in your office.

The Ideal Conference Room

Kai Laminate Racetrack Conference Table by i5 Industries

Keep it from Feeling Cramped: Your conference room needs to use its space wisely. Too much furniture, or furniture that’s too large, can quickly make the whole room feel claustrophobic, which makes it difficult for anyone present to lend their attention to the meeting at hand. This means people should easily be able to sit down and get up from the table without having to carefully maneuver around other meeting participants or furniture. To do that, you need to make sure you have the right furniture in place. The table you choose should be large enough for your standard meeting size, yet not so bulky that it pushes the people sitting at it into the walls. The same goes for your choice of chairs: You’ll want chairs that people can still move past while people are sitting in them, and they should easily fit under the table when not in use.

Connection Zone Wooden Leg Conference Table by KI

Nothing Better than a Comfortable Chair: Speaking of chairs, go with something that will be comfortable for long bouts of sitting. Employees and clients alike will be more in tune with the presentation when they feel cozy in their environment. You’ll want chairs that are ergonomic in design, ensuring they can maintain good posture throughout the meeting. If the chairs are adjustable, even better — this means that people of all body types can find a sitting position that is optimal for them.

A meeting attendant’s comfort lets them know that you care about them and want them to feel at home, regardless of how long the meeting runs.

Improve the Space with Smart Amenities: A conference room should be more than a table and chairs. In fact, an ideal conference room is one in which no one ever has to leave to get something that enables the meeting to continue. A great way to achieve this is with a buffet table with built-in cabinets. This gives you a place to have snacks and beverages on display, as well as cabinet space for notepads, pens, and other basic needs that may arise during a meeting. A storage cabinet could be used to hide a mini fridge, as well as any combination of AV equipment.

A-Table by Davis Furniture

Increase Your Capabilities with Presentation Aids: Consider what your company does and what you want to use your conference room space for. If you’re planning on holding a lot of brainstorming sessions, or if you simply think better while writing things out, the addition of large whiteboard could be extremely beneficial. A retractable screen allows you to keep the look of your conference room intact until you’re ready to project, at which point you can bring it down with a simple click of a button. While we’re on the subject of screens, if you plan to project, then you’ll really want to make sure you have a good, easy-to-use projector with multiple dongles to accommodate whatever you need to plug it into.

Aside from your entryway, the conference room is where clients, employees and potential employees will make their decision about what they think of your company.

Make Your Conference Room Part of Your Brand Personality: A sterile conference room with no flair can be a depressing place to hold a meeting. This is your opportunity to make your meeting room stand out from those of other companies, so make it unique to your company. This includes wall color, furniture style, decorative accents and more. Your conference room should make people feel excited to be a part of the meeting, rather than wondering how long the meeting will go.

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