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Buying a used chair the right way

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About Systems Office Furniture

On average, our clients save 30%-50% by working with us for their office furniture needs. So, how do our customers save without sacrificing quality?

We’re a family owned and operated business, with a second generation that grew up in the industry. Over the last thirty years, we’ve followed the ins and outs, finding industry tips and tricks on what makes for quality office furniture and what will fall apart on you. We know how to add quality to used furniture and only carry the manufacturers we trust.

Space planning and design came naturally and soon enough we began designing for large corporations, universities, local government offices, home offices, healthcare, small businesses and more.

Dream big. We’ll show you how it’s possible.

Find Your Inspiration

Every office space needs storage, but does this mean you have to sacrifice style for function? Let's find out.

Your conference room says a lot about who you are as a company. Whether it’s an internal meeting with nothing but company employees or an important client meeting, this professional space makes an impression before a word is spoken.

What makes a good office chair? What are the necessary components and features that will help ensure a happy, healthy workforce?

Mental health breaks lead to boosts in productivities and what better way to get in the right headspace than to talk it out in the breakroom.

Reap the benefits of height adjustable desks even if you never use them to stand.

Having an open office plan is the current design trend, but the boost in functionality could make cubicles worth the switch.

Ask The Experts

Are you curious about a product or want to see behind the scenes of the office furniture industry? If you’re having that question, maybe others are too. Submit your blog idea request and if we know about it, we’ll write about it!

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